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Q: Can I transfer a pre-arrangement from a different funeral home to Rupp Funeral Home, Inc.?

A: Yes, a pre-arrangement can be transferred to Rupp Funeral Home at any time.

Q: Do I have to prepay for my funeral if I preplan it?

A: No, You can preplan funeral arrangements at any time without paying in advance. However, preplanned service prices are not guaranteed to remain the same if they are not prepaid.

Q: Can a prepaid funeral affect Medicaid eligibility?

A: It could. However, we offer properly structured agreements designed to meet Michigan Medicaid requirements that allow you to retain enough funds for the funeral you want. Talk with us before a Medicaid need arises.

Q: Is it a state law to have a loved one embalmed?

A: No. Should you desire an immediate burial or cremation, embalming is not required. Should you choose a visitation with viewing, then embalming is necessary.

Q: What do I do if the death occurs out of town?

A: Simple; contact Rupp Funeral Home, Inc. and a professional Funeral Director will handle necessary arrangements. (734) 241-9300

Q: If I choose cremation, can I still plan a visitation and funeral service?

A: Yes, the same services as a traditional funeral can be used. The cremation process will take the place after the funeral service.